Rumble in 2019

Rumble in 2019

We started the year 2019 with great excitement, with an outstanding first year behind us as a motivator. New cinema formats, exciting cooperations with established cultural institutions and a sweet cinema makeover were the icing on the cake to the more than 500 events and our more than 10,000 guests. We are speechless.

Here is a selection of artist, experts and film professionals who were our guests in 2019:

Frank, Eike Weinreich, Lucia Chiarla, Shaun Hermel, Anatol Schuster, Linus de Paoli, Godehard Giese, Julia Zange, Thorsten Schaumann, Esther Bialas, Hans Meiser, Max Gleschinski, Sven Kirschlager, Waldemar Rausch, Jana Bürgelin, Tom Fröhlich, Petra Lüschow, Susanne Heinrich, Fabian Fess, Gerrit Pawliczak, Leonel Dietsche, Yann Labry, Lisa Ossowski, Matt Sweetwood, Shamila Lengsfeld, Diana Ringelsiep, Felix Bundschuh, Luzie Loose, Azin Feizabadi, Marie Elisa Scheidt, Johnny Clyde, Nina Viola, Alina Cyranek, Jennifer Borrmann, Henning Beckhoff, Steffen Cornelius Tralles, Shaheen Dill-Riaz, Cristina Binetti, Udo Bergmann, Beate Schmitt, Arne Körner und Uwe Boll via skype uvm.

We came up with a series of new event formats and partnerships over the course of the year and put them into practice. Here is an overview:

Rendezvous with Internationale Hofer Filmtage Festival: screening of festival films from the previous year´s edition with the artistic director of the IHF Thorsten Schaumann

Retrospectives of Tarantino, Jarmusch, Jodorowsky, Klick, Dresen, de la Iglesia and Sorrentino

Zelluleut’: Filmmakers present their favorite films

RBTNK Edit feat. Malte Hollmann: Dead Man and The Great Dictator as a silent film with subtitles set to sound with a live electronic music set at Lodderbast as well as a guest performances at the Cumberlandsche Galerie, the MS Loretta, the theatre fensterzurstadt in Hanover and the City Kino Wedding in Berlin

16mm analogue screenings: Easy Rider, The Third Man, Out of Rosenheim and High Noon with projectionist Hans Majer

Graffiti and breakdance double feature

Pilgrimage double feature with bratwurst and beer: premiere of Jarmusch’s The Dead Don’t Die at another cinema, followed by coffee & cigarettes at Lodderbast

Pilgrimage double feature with bratwurst and beer: Premiere of Tarantino’s Once Upon A Time In Hollywood at another cinema, followed by Pulp Fiction at Lodderbast

Black-and-white tipsy tearjerkers: film classics and cocktail evenings

Film series on the day of remembrance for the victims of NS-Germany

Film series “Future of Climate” with expert discussions in cooperation with the ELM and Brot für die Welt

Film series “Art” followed by a walk and discussion round in cooperation with Tanke e.V.

French film matinée with coffee, croissants and homemade apricot jam in cooperation with the German-French Society

Film series LGBTQ+ in cooperation with Andersraum e.V.

Oscar night with betting game

Pause, rewind, and discuss nerd screening: Suspiria

Short film evenings with up-and-coming Film Festival

Bring Your Own Baby: Cinema for parents with babies

Collectively Christmas Eve with Christmas dinner, a good time and traditional Christmas film – on the house

In addition to all the exciting cinema screenings and events, we felt it was essential to give our Lodderbast an even wilder ambience. With buckets of paint, cinema posters, curtains and new cinema technology (Dolby sound system from Adam Audio, Berlin and Sony DCP projection) we transformed our little gem into a veritable film palace, which no longer is in any way inferior to other cinemas in terms of sound and projection.

We were awarded with the Lower Saxony’s cinema program award given by nordmedia and invited to speak at various panel discussions at film festivals and other cultural events.