Regensburg: filmGalerie im leeren Beutel

2023Sonntag29Januar20:0020:00 Regensburg: filmGalerie im leeren BeutelONCE UPON A TIME IN GERMANY#Live Super 8mm Projection

Stadt / Ort

filmGalerie im leeren Beutel

Bertoldstraße 9, 93047 Regensburg


Based on the retrospective "La deutsche Vita" from 2022, the Transit Filmfest is presenting ONCE UPON A TIME IN GERMANY at filmGalerie. In 1981, the Arbeitskreis Film Regensburg e.V. opened the FilmGallery at "Leerer Beutel" - in the building of a former municipal grain magazine from the 16th century in the eastern old town of Regensburg. The building is now a small cultural center which, in addition to the cinema, houses the Regensburg Jazz Club, the City Gallery and the "Leerer Beutel" restaurant.