Kassel: Film-Shop Vol. 2

2023Samstag06Mai20:0020:00 Kassel: Film-Shop Vol. 2ONCE UPON A TIME IN GERMANY#Live Super 8mm Projection

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Erzbergerstraße 12, 34117 Kassel


The Film-Shop is the oldest video store in Germany, and when it opened, the first rental film was - of course - on Super 8! Many thousands of titles have since gone over the counter in various formats. Today, the Film-Shop holds the record for the world's oldest video library and has a treasure trove of over 8,000 titles in a wide variety of formats. Since 2017, this historic insitution has been managed by Randfilm e. V. and since 2018 has been home to the first of its kind in the world, the German Video Library Museum. In the small cinema inside the Film-Shop, also called the "place of lost films" by the operators, outlandish masterpieces, marginal debuts and forgotten classics see the light of day.