2018 At The Movies

2018 At The Movies

Our first Lodderbast year was like an ass bomb in ice-cold water: strong program, 90 percent occupancy, great guests and hand-picked events – it´s as good as it gets! More than 6000 spectators made this first year a dream come true. Wow!

Here is a selection of the filmmakers and artists that we hosted in 2018:

RP Kahl, Irene von Alberti, Albrecht Hirche, Julian Radlmaier, Simon Gosejohann, Thilo Gosejohann, Philipp Eichholtz, Wolfgang Scheiner, Axel Ranisch, Olaf Neumann, Sticky Frames Kollektiv, Lukas Feigelfeld, Julius Schultheiss, Patrick S. Zimmer, Flo Fernandez, RBTNK Malte Hollmann, Rüdiger Suchsland, Margherita Bettoni, Bernd Heimerl, Stefan Stabenow, Peter Struck, Martin Knapmeyer, Martin Jehle, Jan Fischer, Max Annas, Friedemann Hahn, Roland Spranger, Monika Geier, Simone Pateau, Andrea Stevens, Ben Brummer, Jan M .Schäfer, Dennis Klose, and many more.

We have also organized a number of unusual formats in our cinema and at other locations:

Jarmusch, Jodorowsky and Coen retrospectives
Bring Your Own Baby: movies for parents with babies
One world cinema: globalization film series
Zelluleut’: filmmakers present their favorite films
Krimifest Hanover: Readings of crime books and matching crime films
Summer cinema at the Eisfabrik
RBTNK-Edit: Alphaville shown as a silent film with subtitles and live music

We also went all out gastronomically: In addition to 120 different beers, we served homemade sandwiches with deliciousness on it, hand-picked colorful candy jars and freshly made popcorn. We also made our own jerseys…